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Sign With Me: A Family Sign Language Curriculum

By Mary Pat Moeller, M.S. and Brenda Schick, Ph.D.

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, Sign Language

"Sign with me is a curriculum designed to help the entire family to learn to communicate in sign. Based on principles of language development, the series begins with words and phrases appropriate for toddlers.

- Available in two versions: American Sign Language and Manually Coded English (based primarily on SEE II)

- Each unit comes with 2 videotapes, workbook, and a sturdy plastic case.

Volume 1: Building Conversations

Teaches family members to sign simple, expressive sentences, follow child's lead in communicating, and use of facial expressions and body movement.

ASL/ISBN 0-938510-53-3
Order No. 76-501

MCE/ISBN 0-938510-66-5
Order No. 76-502

Volume 2: Building Concepts
Teaches viewers how to use signs to describe fellings, experiences, and concepts such as wet and dry as well as objects.

ASL/ISBN 0-938510-54-1
Order No. 76-503

MCE/ISBN 0-938510-67-3
Order No. 76-504

Volume 3: Positive Parenting
Shows parents how to discipline in positive ways by praising your child, handling tantrums, and teaching appropriate behaviors.

ASL/ISBN 1-889322-02-4
Order No. 76-509

MCE/ISBN 0-938510-79-7
Order No. 76-511

Note: Parent's Price- $ 34.95 plus $ 4 shipping

Additional copies of the Sign With Me workbook is $8.00 each.


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