AD(H)D and Hearing Loss:
Deficit or Boredom?

By Lisa Friedline

Purpose: This website is dealing with the issue of Attention Deficit Disorder and
Attention Deficit Disorder with hyperactivity in children with hearing loss.  I will be
abbreviating it interchangeably as AD(H)D.  The purpose of this portfolio is to provide
information for parents and educators about AD(H)D and behavior problems in children with hearing loss, however,  I will not be exploring the issue of severe behavior handicaps.  I intend to show the prevalence of AD(H)D in children with hearing loss and discuss some ways of managing behavior difficulties in deaf and hearing impaired children.

Format: The following website is organized by five questions regarding AD(H)D and hearing loss.  Each question is followed by the resources I used, a summary of the information I have researched, my insights and a bibliography of other resources that might be helpful for parents and educators.  There is also a general resource page on deafness that links to various web sites.  If you have any questions, my contact information is at the bottom of each page.

1.  How is behavior affected by hearing loss?
2.  What is AD(H)D?
3.  How prevalent is AD(H)D in children with hearing loss?
4.  Are hearing impaired children being misdiagnosed and over medicated?
5.  What are some behavior management techniques for children with hearing loss?

This page offers web sites about deafness and resources for parents and teachers of the deaf.

Contact Information:

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I am a teacher for the deaf in Northeast Ohio.  I have taught as an itinerant teacher K-12 for five years and will be teaching preschool.