Links for Prospective Teachers

National Clearinghouse for Professions in Special Education
A comprehensive site that contains information about career choices in special education, recruitment and retention initiatives, educator resources, and a research library.
Personnel Center:  National Center for Special Education Personnel and Related Service Providers at the National Association of State Directors of Special Education
This site provides information about career choices in special education, financial aid opportunities, and research and resources on recruitment and retention of special education professionals.
National Teacher Recruitment Clearinghouse
Recruiting New Teachers works to raise esteem for teaching, expand the pool of qualified teachers, and promote strategies for effective teacher recruitment, development and retention. Check out the sections on “Why Teach?” and “Become a Teacher”.

Links for Faculty

Center on Personnel Studies in Special Education
COPSSE provides research-based information on special education workforce issues.
Monarch Center:  The National Technical Assistance Center for Personnel Preparation in Special Education at Minority Institutions of Higher Education
This comprehensive site documents a variety of resources focusing on the preparation of culturally and linguistically diverse special education personnel.
The Education Alliance at Brown University:  Minority Teacher Recruitment, Development, and Retention (pdf)
A synthesis of research focusing on factors influencing minority students to choose teaching as a profession and strategies and supports to prepare minority teachers, Summarizes research about effective preservice programs, the experiences of minority preservice teachers, and patterns of minority teacher retention.
American Speech and Hearing Association:  Minority Student Recruitment, Retention and Career Transition Practices:  A Review of the Literature
This paper reviews the literature and highlights some of the key issues related to the recruitment and retention of minority students and professionals.
National Education Association:  Assessment of Diversity in America’s Teaching Force:  A Call to Action (pdf)
This document discusses the current state of diversity and cultural competence in public school classrooms, efforts to increase the diversity of the teaching force, and implications for researchers and policymakers.
National Education Association:  Meeting the Challenges of Recruitment and Retention:  A Guidebook on Promising Strategies to Recruit and Retain Qualified and Diverse Teachers (pdf)
Contains a section on efforts to recruit and retain members of minority groups and a comprehensive listing of organizations, programs, and publications that address recruitment and retention issues.
National Education Association:  Wanted:  More Male Teachers
Fact sheet containing strategies to increase the number of male teachers.