Ying Li, Doctoral Candidate, Lamar University

Ying Li was born hearing in Dalian , China 31 years ago. She became deaf at the age of one because of a high fever. Ying went to a hearing kindergarten school then transferred to Dalian School for Blind and Deaf in China when she was eight. She finished high school at age eighteen and attended Liaoing Teacher School for Special Education in Ying Kou (Northeast of China). Ying returned to Dalian to complete her B.A. degree in Special Education at Liaoning Teacher University and then went on to Gallaudet University in August 1999 to earn her Masters in Deaf Education.

Ying Li was the first Chinese deaf student to enroll in the Gallaudet M.A. Program. She graduated from Gallaudet in May, 2001. She then taught deaf children at Mantua Elementary School in Fairfax , Virginia . She entered Lamar University in August 2002 to complete her Doctorate in Deaf Education/Deaf Studies.

Ying knew for many years that she wanted to become a teacher. Being Deaf herself, she understood the importance of helping Deaf children become successful readers. Ying's parents, who were also teachers, helped her to develop her teaching skills. Their support along with her specialized training has helped her feel very successful in working with Deaf children. Ying hopes to be a great role model to her students by providing a strong language model and helping students understand about Deaf culture.

Ying has much expertise in the area of ASL/English Bilingual Education. Her dissertation, which she hopes to complete in May, focuses on using a bilingual strategy, “Preview-View-Review (PVR)” to improve reading comprehension. Not only has Ying studied “bilingual” methods, she herself is multilingual. Currently, Ying is able to use five languages: Mandarin Chinese, English, American Sign Language, Chinese Sign Language, and Cantonese Chinese. Her skills and personal experiences will be great assets to her assisting her future students' language development.

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