Frequently Asked Questions About Deaf Education Teachers

Is there a shortage of deaf education teachers?

Yes! There is a consistent and growing demand for teachers of deaf and hard of hearing students, particularly in rural, urban or low-socioeconomic areas of the country. Although there has been a significant increase in the number of deaf and hard of hearing students in the nation’s schools, the number of teachers being prepared to teach deaf and hard of hearing students has remained the same. Anticipated retirements will also affect the job market.

The shortage of teachers for deaf and hard of hearing students is one of both quantity and diversity, and some teachers do not have appropriate certification or licensure. It is increasingly difficult to gather sufficient educational resources to meet the needs of widely dispersed, ethnically diverse students, many of whom have a secondary disability.

See the Occupational Outlook for Special Education Teachers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more information.

Deaf Education Frequently Asked Questions