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The three different software packages we recommend (Cue That Word, Cue Reading 1 and Coomputer Fingers) provide practice sessions in both receptive and expressive cueing for beginners, adults and children.

Cue That Word!

(For beginning cuers, age 10-adult) Features over 150 colorfully illustrated simple words grouped by vowel or subject in addition to all hand shapes and positions, an animated cuer, adjustable cue speed and interactive help. #LGC-A $33

Cue Reading 1

(For adults) This program stresses cue reading and tecognizing lip shapes. Progresses from single vowels to simple words and phrases., Builods cueing skills in sequential lessons. Adjustable cue speed and interactive help. #LGC-B $33

Computer Fingers

(For beginning readers, ages 4-6) Entertaining animations with adjustable speed builds skills in cueing, phonics, reading, spelling, keyboarding and fingerspelling in four enjoyable activities. #LGC-C $33

Requires 68020 processor and system 7 or higher on Macs; 386/33 MHz and Windows 3.1 or higher on PCs; 8MB RAM and 3MB hard disk space and 640x480 monitor set to 256 colors.

When ordering Cued Speech Software please specify whether you are using Windows 3.1, Windows 95 or Mac.

Cued Speech is an increasingly popular educational alternative which provides remarkable communicatin results for both deaf children and their hearing parents. It is an eaty-to-learn phonemic tool, bridging the communictin gap for hearing parents and their deaf child. Wtih practice, one can be proficient in a matter of weeks. Cued speech works in conjunction with lip-reading and provides deaf children with full access to spoken language, pronunciation, accents, and dialects. This access to the spoken language has resulted in unparalleled success with literacy among deaf children who use it.

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