Listservs You Can Join

Check out the five topics listed below to start exploring the fascinating World of Listservs. Easy to follow informational tables will greet you on your journey. The tables highlight topics, ordering directions, addresses and interesting destinations.

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Discussion Groups

Title of listservmessage to sendaddress to send to
Educational Technologysub EDTECH your
NASA Classroom of the Futuresub T3-L your
Ed. Resources on Internetinfo C-EDRES your
WWW in Educationsub wwwedu your
Ed SoftwareACSOFT-L your
Writing Across the Curriculumsub WAC-L your
Class Forum for Pre K Curriculumsub PREK your
Ohio Artssub OHIOARTS your
Geography Education Listsub GEOGED your
K-12 Arts and Humanities Tchrssub KYARTS your

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Projects and Lessons

Title of listservmessage to sendaddress to send to
Educational Uses of the Netinformation
Designing Internet Projectslist
K-12 Internet Sitesabout Network
Class Projectssubscribe INCLASS your

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Kool Lists for Kids

Title of listservmessage to sendaddress to send to
Kid Cafesub Kidcafe your namelistserv@ndsubm1.bitnet
KidLinksub Kidlink your namelistserv@ndsuvm1.bitnet
Penpalssub Penpals your namelistserv@unccvm.bitnet
Wonderful Ohio World for Kidssub
Youthnetsub Youthnet your namelistserv@indycms.bitnet

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Listserv Directories on the Web

Title of listservWeb site links
Kennedy Arts & Education
ListServ User Guide
Liszt Database
Pitsco's Launch to Educ. Listservs

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Access Listservs via E-Mail Only
Subject:(leave blank)
Body:list global/(your topic of Interest)

By following the table above, you can access E-Mail Listservs without an Internet connection. Listserv Lists will send you full E-Mail addresses and descriptions for all listservs on your topic with directions on how to subscribe.

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