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A Resume

The student will construct a brief resume including education, work experience, interests, and other relevant information.

A resume is a simple one-page document that introduces the hopeful employee to the prospective employer. Although the format may vary, information that is usually included might may be: personal information, work experience, education, and references. In this lesson, students examine a sample resume.

Introductory Activities:

  1. Define resume. (a brief account of one's work experience and qualifications)
  2. Ask students to give their ideas of what an employer would want to know about them before hiring them for a job.


Answers: 1. high school graduate; 2. he has a wide variety of interests and abilities -- is athletic, musical, probably smart!; 3. probably a favorite teacher, owner of the construction company he worked for; 4. he was given some responsibility, is able to make repairs; 5. 18 (in 1994)
Discussion: Answer any questions about the information Michael included on his resume. Then go over the following questions.

  1. Why is it usually important to keep the information on a resume to only one page? (gives a lot of information in a little space, employers don't have to spend a lot of time reading it)
  2. Why should a resume be neat and easy to read? (it s the first impression you give of yourself)
  3. Why it is helpful to list the duties you performed on your jobs? (so the employer will know exactly what you were responsible for)
  4. Why is it good to include some personal interests and achievements? (this may set you apart from other applicants, shows your strengths)
  5. What personal information might you include on a resume? (birthday, family information, phone, address, etc.)

Extension Activities:

  1. Collect and display different examples of resumes. Discuss with students what is distinctive about each. What information is common to them all?
  2. Have students compose a personal resume. Have them experiment with different styles. Display them to the class, with permission.


  1. What are you most proud of that you would include on your resume?
  2. What references would be most helpful on your resume?
  3. What are some unique things about you that would set you apart from others on your resume?

Uploaded by: Jessica Soltesz/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major