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Kendall Demonstration Elementary School Education Curriculum Guide (in draft form)

Although in draft form, it is due to be available in expanded and revised form in July, 1996. It is currently used by KDES, The Maryland School for the Deaf, and the South Carolina School for the Deaf.

The Employment Education Guide which ranges in age from 6-21 is specifically designed for deaf students and should be applicable for a wide range of populations, including those who have additional disabilities and those who don t.

This guide covers a wide range of topics and includes objectives for the development of skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors that are necessary to prepare students for the world of work (i.e., Transition to the Workplace).

Specific goals included in the program include academic, home living, community, consumer, and work related goals.

Insights: This is an excellent guide for educators. It provides grade levels and specific objectives for areas related and unrelated to the area of vocational education.

Uploaded by: Jessica Soltesz/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major