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Having a Disability - Worksheet

Read the accounts of the following students. Identify each disability. Then explain how each is coping with his or her situation at school and on the job.

1. Mark is in a wheelchair. He was injured in an accident many years ago, but has complete use of his upper body. At school he has classes on the first floor and uses the school elevator to get where he needs to go. He attends regular classes at school.
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2. Amanda has a learning disability. She finds it extremely difficult to read and understand any kind of written material, although she excels in math. Her teachers allow her to take tests orally and she often listens to books read on a tape recorder. Her grades are average. Only her closest friends even realize that she has a disability.
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3. Charlie has epilepsy. He cannot get a driver's license, but he has no other restrictions. His seizures are completely controlled with medication. He does average or above-average work at school and has two part-time jobs: delivering the local newspaper and helping his uncle at a gas station.
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4. Kanisha is in a class with other students who have not done well in a traditional class setting. She has an emotional handicap that prevents her from learning as easily as some other students. The class is small and she takes most of her academics from one teacher. They also do some job shadowing several times a week in which Kanisha can assist people at the local hospital.
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5. Eric is partially deaf. He has a small hearing aid in both ears and communicates primarily through signing. He attends several regular classes with the help of a translator. After school Eric helps out at the YMCA with teaching swimming to young children with and without handicaps.
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Uploaded by: Jessica Soltesz/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major