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Match the person who is changing jobs with the reason why he or she wants a job change.

  1. higher pay
  2. get away from an unpleasant situation
  3. more interesting job
  4. better location
  5. benefits
  6. more responsibility

____ a. I'm bored with my present position of planting seedlings. I would like to do something different, like plan how a garden will look when it is finished.

____ b. I just can't work with that woman anymore. She criticizes everything I do. I go home feeling like I'm worthless.

____ c. It's too far to work at that supermarket. Now that one is open one block from my home, I'm going to apply for a job there.

____ d. Hey! I can make $2 more an hour for the same job at that factory. It's time for a change.

____ e. Now that I've completed this training, I should be eligible for a supervisor's position.

____ f. If I guarantee that I will stay on the new job for a year, they will pay for my training and get me started in this new office. Sounds good to me!

Uploaded by: Jessica Soltesz/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major