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Craig, B. L., & Miles, J. B. (1992). Careers in Home Economics. St. Paul, MN: EMC Publishing.

EMC Publishing
300 York Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55101
Has a teacher s resource binder and workbook as well as a teacher's edition.

Unit 1 is an introduction to what jobs are and why we have them. It discusses lifestyle goals and what a career is.

Unit 2 deals with personal development for a career. It includes activities dealing with student interests, self image, values, communication skills, personality, and attitudes. It deals with decision making and career clusters (emergency, education, business, etc.).

Unit 3 talks about employability skills. These are the skills needed to obtain and keep a job. Things like how to write a resume/cover letter, find a job, create a job, apply for a job, how to interview, accept a job, and how to keep a job are all discussed. It also has chapters dealing with managing money.

Units 4-9 discuss specific career clusters and what they entail. These range from Food & Nutrition careers to Housing and Interior Design.

Insights: This textbook is very helpful for career development for grades 6-12. It can easily be broken up into 6 weeks, 9 weeks, whole semesters, whole years, or a four-year program. It is more than just learning home economics. It is a good example of how the curriculum is moving more toward job and family living skills. One might not need to go over the whole book with a class, but can easily focus on the employability chapter when discussing how to get a job and keep it as well as how to budget your money, write checks, or do your taxes. These are skills that are needed in all classrooms, and this text can easily be adapted to a special education setting.

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