Children with Disabilities and State Standards

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Type: Article

Topic: Deafness

Focus: State Standards


"The NAD advocates attainment of state standards for all deaf and hard of hearing children, to the extent that these standards are appropriate to the population. State and local assessment programs should be tailored to individual needs (e.g., language and communication), eliminating potential bias and ensuring that assessment instruments and procedures accurately measure a deaf or hard of hearing child's performance and attainment standards."

"The NAD believes that provisions of existing laws requiring that assessment be conducted in the child's native language be enforced and expanded to include the child's communication mode. All assessments of deaf and hard of hearing children should be conducted by qualified and certified personnel who are specifically trained to work with deaf and hard of hearing children."

"The NAD is concerned with the growing use of generically trained psychologists and special education teachers, with marginal training in deaf education or an allied field, to conduct assessments and make programming and placement recommendations. Also, direct and effective communication is an essential component of any effective assessment effort, especially in the case of deaf and hard of hearing children. For this reason, interpreters should not be used in assessment situations and comprehensive evaluations should be conducted only in centers approved for this purpose."

"The NAD recommends that regulations emphasize the important role schools for the deaf and center schools, with critical mass of deaf and/or hard of hearing students and trained personnel, have in providing appropriate assessment services at the local, state, regional and national levels."

"Accountablility is essential to the overall success of educational programming. The NAD recommends that the law and its pertinent regulations emphasize accountability by requiring assessment of all individuals and monitoring attainment of Federal, State, and Local standards by all students, including those who are deaf or hard of hearing."


Innes, Jay. (December, 1994). NAD comments on IDEA. The NAD Broadcaster, 16(12), 5,7.

Grace Shanafelt/KSU Student/Deaf Ed. Major