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Transition Programs for Special Students

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Topic: Special Education Students

Focus: Transition programs for students


"One of education's most important goals is to prepare students to be fully participating members of their communities." (p. 1) "The Individuals with Disabilities Act states that schools must provide specific transition plans for students with disabilities." (p. 1) These services must be in place by the age of 16 years and "included in a student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). To meet federal requirements, these plans should include a statement of transition services and, where appropriate, identify interagency responsibilities or linkages that should occur before the student leaves the school setting." (p. 1) Additional services, for example, vocational training or postsecondary education, should also be included.

To make the transition work, "schools employ the Individual Transition Plan (ITP)...helps students focus on possible career goals and assess the students' career interests, independence, interpersonal relations, and self-advocacy." (p. 14) The school, community, and other services are included in the planning to ensure the transition and make it a smoother process. That is classrooms offer budgeting, job applications, cooking, and other life skills in their curriculum and the community offers job coaches, vocational transitional liaisons, and school employment. The school itself can provide opportunities for students to inquire about career options from visiting colleges to Annual Career Days.

The Council for Exceptional Children which has "led the field in support of transition planning and services for students with disabilities," offers "extensive training and curriculum aides to help educators implement career transition in their classrooms." (p. 15)

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Dragon, Edward F. (1994, November). Transition planning: What schools need to know. CEC Today: Exclusively for Members of the Council of Exceptional Children, 1(7), 1-16.

Grace Shanafelt/K.S.U. Student/Deaf Ed. Major