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Students as Authors and Illustrators

Key Words:Curriculum Materials/Literacy/K-12

Type: Article

Topic: Image-Making

Focus: Students as authors and illustrators improve the writing process


"Image-Making Within the Writing Process is a literacy program that provides an alternative pathway into writing for children with diverse learning styles." (p. 48) This program sees children not only as authors of their work in writing, but also as illustrators of their portfolios. That is, teachers have students create on paper using texturing techniques, marbleizing and straw painting, and then encourage the students to "follow their own creative process to make stories. This could mean making all their collage pictures first, writing all their words first, or weaving back and forth between the two." (p. 49)

This gives children an opportunity to rehearse their stories before putting them on paper, but most of all it allows children "to enter writing from a position of personal strength and enthusiasm." (p. 49)

For more information contact:

Beth Olshansky
Laboratory for Interactive Learning
University of New Hampshire
89 Main St., Hood House
Durham, New Hampshire, 03824-35777
(603) 659-6018


Olshansky, Beth. (1994, November/December). Image-Making. Instructor: The Whole Teacher's Handbook, 104(4), 48-49.

Grace Shanafelt/K.S.U. Student/Deaf Ed. Major