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Fingerspelling Software

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, Book/Media, K-12

Type: Column

Topic: Deafness and Assistive Technology

Focus: Fingerspelling


"Palatine, Inc. has just released a landmark language training program that translates any type letter, number or word into fingerspelling signs." (p. 34)

"Interactive Sign Language is a way to gain proficiency in fingerspelling from learning the basics to improving comprehension and increasing signing speed. With help of photographs and actual animation of hands, users are able to master fingerspelling and numbers quickly and easily." (p. 34)

"Interactive Sign Language: Fingerspelling and Numbers runs on Window 3.1 and Macintosh platforms." (p. 34)

For more information contact:

Palatine, Inc.


(1994, November). News Briefs. The NAD Broadcaster, 16(11), 34.

Grace Shanafelt/K.S.U. Student/Deaf Ed. Major