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Chris Keagy T.C . 04/26/94

Key Words: Instructional Strategies, K-12, Sign Language

Goal :

1. To expand student's vocabulary.
2. To expand student's sign vocabulary.
3. To Produce a sign dictionary for the students.


1. Teacher finds vocabulary words in all subjects that the students will not know. (ie. Science-''planet'')
2. Teacher copies the signs for these words onto paper (vertically down 1 side of the paper)


1. Before student begins a topic, the teacher gives the students the lists containing signs of unknown words; she then reviews these signs.
2. During the lessons, the students are responsible for writing their explanations of the unknown words next to the pre-copied sign picture.
3. Teacher reviews words during each lesson.
4. Teacher place word lists in folder separated for each subject producing a sign dictionary for each student.


1. The students write the definition/explanation of pre-copied sign word.
2. The teacher asks students, during the lessons, questions about the new words.
3. Teacher incorporates new words into tests.


This curricular material is effective because it allows the students to identify the words, of the pre-copied signs, during each lesson. It forces them to pay attention to what is occurring and forces them to ask questions about the words if misunderstood.


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