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Database: Dialog Information Services

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, General Inforamtion, 7-12

Dialog Information Services, Inc.

Dialog is a major database vendor that offers hundreds of databases for research on virtually all subject areas, from news and current events to science and technology, education and social science, arts and humanities, medicine and law, business and finance. Through special arrangements with database producers, Dialog provides schools access to its search service at a discounted rate to teach students online searching.

The Classroom Instruction Program (CIP) offers a complete range of instructional materials including workbooks, teaching guides, and a videotape demonstrating the service. Training seminars designed specifically for teachers and library media specialists are also available. CIP is used by middle schools, secondary schools, community colleges, as well as undergraduate and graduate programs. CIP has been in operation since 1976 and is fully committed to making Dialog's resources available to the education community.

Dialog is accessible through any personal computer with a modem, communications software, and a telephone connection. DIALOGLINK (SM) Communications Software is a proprietary program available for IBM PC compatible computers. The service is available through Internet, SprintNet and BT Tymnet.

CIP is available for a flat fee of $15 per hour. In addition there is a telecommunication surcharge of $3 per hour for Internet and $6 per hour for SprintNet and BT Tymnet. You may receive a maximum of 10 passwords for each account. A basic Starter Package is available for $85 plus handling.

Classroom Instruction Program
901 N. Moore Street
Suite 500
Arlington, VA 22209
(703) 524-8004
(800) 3DIALOG (to sign up for training programs)