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"Story Telling"

Key Words: Instructional Strategies, K-12, Language

Cassandra Shaw


I. (What) - description of what is done/used

* This strategy is used as a means of assessing English and writing.

Step 1: The students are given a topic to write a story about for homework, and encouraged to get help from their parents.

Step 2: They are given 2-3 days to practice telling the story at home. Students use their preferred method of communication (speech, Signed English, ALL, etc.) They are encourage to practice in front of a mirror, as well as in front of their families. Each morning the students are asked if they remembered to practice the night before.

Step 3: The students are videotaped while telling the class their story.

Step 4: The students then watch themselves on tape. They stop the tape after each segment of the story and write out on paper what they signed or spoke. This process is called glossing. The students who use ALL, often write only the words that they signed, and need assistance with tenses, adjectives. etc.

Step 5: The students draw a corresponding picture for each segment of their story.

Step 6: Students are then told to ask themselves some questions: Is there a better way that I could have signed something? Did I leave anything out when I told the story on tape? Is my story time sequential?

Step 7: The students tell the story to the class once more and are videotaped. They are expected to tell a more detailed story the second time.

II. (Why) - explanation of why it appears to work so well

The strategy seems to work well because students are going from the known, which is their personal experience and language, to the unknown, which is written English. It also works well because the students really enjoy doing it.

III. (Where) - identification of resources

Burns, MED., Shelley.
Hilltop Elementary School.
24524 Hillton Dr.
Beachwood, Ohio 44119.
(216) 831-7144.

Togioka, Patti.
Oregon School for the Deaf.
999 Locust St. NE
Salem, Oregon 97303.
(503) 378-3825.