T.C. Portfolio Project : Whole Language for the Multiple Handicapped

Robin Langley

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, K-12, Language


I. [What] Multihandicapped deaf students combine Whole Language learning with valuable life skills.

A. Students plan a weekly teachers' luncheon menu

B. Travel to the local supermarket and purchase items needed

C. Distribute menus to teachers

D. Prepare the food

E. Calculate the cost of each customer's meal

F. Serve the meal

G. Clean up afterwards

Many supplemental lessons accompany this project. The students do extensive measuring lessons, experience how to read and follow directions in a recipe and improve their math skills as they plan, shop, prepare and serve their weekly teachers' luncheons. Several times a year, the students prepare and deliver larger amounts of food to the local rescue mission.

II. [Why] The students enjoy the hands on, real life experience that this project provides. They are productive, responsible, contributing young adults whose efforts are valued and rewarded (they eat free!).

III. [Where] For more information contact:

Sue Heineman-Chumita
c/o Paul C. Bunn Elementary
1825 Sequoya Drive
Youngstown Ohio 44514-1274

Edmark Functional Word Series
Grocery words-1 (1990) Bellevue,
WA 98009-3903 1-800-426-0856

Jones, C., Lavrisha, M., Tonelli, J. Classifying and measuring. Career Competencies for Kids with Special Needs. Johnstown PA: Mafex.