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Whole Language Strategies for Mainstreamed Hearing Impaired Students

Key Words: Curriculum Materials, K-12, Language

September 18, 1992

Kent, OH

Submitted by Harold Johnson [ohio.hip]

Dear Mr. Stremel,

I saw your message on the DEAF.ED bulletin board re. whole language strategies for mainstreamed hearing impaired students. There are a couple of texts that may be of interest to you. Those texts are as follows:

Luetke-Stahlman, B.S., & Luckner, J. (1991). Effectively educating students with hearing impairments. New York, NY: Longman.

Brinton, B. & Fukiki, M. (1989). Conversational management with language-impaired children. Rockville, Maryland: Aspen Publication.

Fey, M. (1986). Language intervention with young children. San Diego, CA: College-Press.

Griffith, P., Johnson, H., & Dastoli, S. (1985). If teaching is conversation, can conversation be taught? Discourse abilities in hearing impaired children. In D.N. Ripich & F.M. Spinelli (Eds.), School discourse problems (pp 149-177). San Diego, CA: College Hill Press.

Kretschmer, R., & Kretschmer, L. (1988). Language in perspective. In D. M. Luterman (Ed.), Deafness in perspective (pp 131-166). San Diego, CA: College Hill Press.

I teach courses on this topic here at Kent State University, and as such do have a number of handouts on the matter. These could be sent to you if you liked. In addition, I have just posted a message on the DEAF.ED bulletin board entitled "Language Instruction Strategies" that may be of some interest to you.

Thank you for the posting to the DEAF.ED bulletin board. As editor of the board I am always pleased to see others use it to both request and share information. Please feel free to post any message that you think would be of general interest.