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Equipment to Help the Hearing Impaired

Key words: Information, Technologies for Deaf/HH

Submitted by: Valerie Friske

Topic: Equipment to help the Hearing Impaired

Task: To provide information on equipment that is designed to help the Hearing Impaired.


Crestwood Company, Communication Aids for Children and Adults. 1996; Milwaukee, WI.

Hearing Health, The Voice on Hearing Issues. Vol.11, No.5 Sept./Oct. 1995.

Gallaudet University Bookstore, 1995-1996 Catalog. Dept. of Publications and Production, Gallaudet University.


Hearing Aids: The price varies and style varies

A. Awake Master- Portable alarm clock and bed shaker $34.95.
B. Global Combo- Digital clock with halogen flashing alarm/reading lamp plus vibrator $99.90
C. Shake Awake- Vibrating alarm clock plus audible wake-up tones $29.95

Combination Phones:
A. Uniphone 1000-Combination of TTY and standard telephone $229.00
Voice/TTY Power Phone- Combination of telephone and answering machine (both TTY and voice messages) $299.00
Uniphone 1140- Same as 1000 plus, speed dial numbers, emergency keys, personalized answering greeting, and ring flasher $379.00

A. Compact TTY- keyboard, 2 line display, memory $299.00
B. Supercom 4400- stores conversations, phone numbers, and answering machine $330.00
C. Superprint 4425- Same as Supercom 440 plus printer $499.00

Telecaption 4000- closed caption decoder $179.00

A. Smoke Alarms-flashing light when detection of smoke $varies
B. Doorbell- flashing light when doorbell rings $varies
C. Cars- in GM cars, emergency siren detectors and enhanced turn signal reminders $varies


1. Other than closed caption, is there any other devices made for televisions?

2. Do the majority of hearing impaired individuals use all these devices?

3. What is the average annual spending an individual uses on these devices?

4. Are there any of these devices which are more helpful than others?


1. I find that today's society is becoming more aware of these individuals and are trying to give them any support possible.

2. I find that the equipment that is available is quite expensive and the cost needs to be reduced.

3. I also feel that the education systems need to become aware of some of the devices which are available.

Uploaded by: Melissa Close/ Kent State University/ Deaf Education Major