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Unit 4--Sex Education and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Upon completion of this unit, the participant will:

  • Understand the nature of human sexuality
  • Use beginning skills of decision-making with regard to sexuality
  • Identify possible consequences of sexual activity

    Human sexuality is a normal part of life. It is important for learners to differentiate normal feelings and behaviors from those that may cause consequences they may not be able to handle, such as pregnancy, or consequences that may affect their health or even cause death, such as AIDS. Some discussion may be uncomfortable for the participant or trainer, or both, so careful preparation will be helpful.

    As in the other units, this unit uses a variety of instructional techniques, but one of the most important is discussion in which participants ask questions, share experiences, relate existing understandings of human sexuality, and make decisions regarding sex. Thus, it is absolutely crucial that participants feel comfortable. For this reason, the trainer may wish to consider team-teaching, with one female trainer and one male trainer.

    Lesson Titles:
    Human Sexuality
    Birth Control and Safe Sex
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases--AIDS I
    Sexually Transmitted Diseases--AIDS II

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