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Unit 3--Staying Mentally Healthy

Upon conclusion of this unit, the participant will:

  • Identify his or her own emotions and feelings
  • Select stress management techniques applicable to his or her life
  • Recognize potentially violent situations and take appropriate action
  • Know when and where to get help for emotional problems

    In this unit, the participant will learn concepts of mental health and how it is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Lessons will cover such topics as identification of emotions; differentiating serious mental illness from responses to situational problems; stress recognition and management; and violence. Participants will also know who can help them with emotional problems and how to access that help.

    An important instructional technique in this unit is discussion. It is crucial that participants feel comfortable sharing their experiences and asking questions. For this reason, the trainer may wish to consider team-teaching, enlisting the help of another trainer who may have experience in the field of mental health.

    Lesson Titles:
    Maintaining Good Mental Health I
    Maintaining Good Mental Health II
    Managing Stress I
    Managing Stress II

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