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Unit 2--Your Body

Upon completion of this unit, the participant will:

  • Identify major body parts and systems
  • Recall the functions of major body parts and systems

    In order to facilitate the participant's understanding of aspects of personal care, this unit presents the opportunity to learn how the major body systems work together to make a healthy person. It is not essential that participants completely understand this content in order to successfully take care of themselves. Indeed, this content may be too advanced for some participants. However, trainers may be surprised at the interest in this subject matter, as well as the participant's ability to grasp the content. Further, the material in Your Body provides a reference point for subsequent units.

    As noted above, some of the material in this unit is rather advanced in that it includes learning the names and functions of various systems and organs by the participants. If the trainer believes that such content would frustrate participants, he or she may simplify the material, providing participants with a general idea as to how the body systems work and omitting names of organs. In order to gain a general idea for him-/herself, the trainer should first read the lessons. In "Sensory System IV--Hearing," for example, the trainer might read the lesson, becoming thoroughly familiar with how sound travels through the ear and is perceived by the brain. The trainer might then use the chart of the ear to point out the path of sound, but omitting the name of particular parts, such as "anvil" and "stirrup." At any rate, it is important that the trainer strive to engage participants in the content, rather then simply presenting it.

    Lesson Titles:
    Body as a System
    The Skeletal System
    The Muscular System
    The Nervous System
    Sensory System I--Touching and Feeling
    Sensory System II--Seeing
    Sensory System III--Tasting and Smelling
    Sensory System IV--Hearing
    Hearing Loss
    The Circulatory System
    The Digestive System
    The Respiratory System
    The Reproductive System--Male
    The Reproductive System--Female
    Menstruation and Pregnancy

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