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Unit 1--Taking Care of Yourself

Upon completion of this unit, the participant will:

  • Recognize components of self-care for a healthy lifestyle
  • Incorporate self-care skills into his or her lifestyle

    In order to successfully lead a healthy life, a person first must know what a "healthy lifestyle" is and then, what knowledge and skills are necessary in order to maintain such a lifestyle. In this unit, participants will be introduced to basic concepts related to using medical and dental providers; incorporating healthy nutrition and exercise into their daily habits; conducting selected self-exams to detect cancer, using medications properly; and first aid.

    Instructional techniques used in this unit are varied. The trainer presents important information; participants practice recalling and using the information. The trainer demonstrates skills; participants practice performing these skills. In some lessons, such as those about nutrition, participants classify foods according to food groups and plan nutritious diets. For some of the more sensitive lessons, such as "Self Examination--Male" and "Self Examination--Female," it is crucial that the trainer provide an atmosphere in which participants are comfortable asking questions and sharing experiences. With these lessons, team-teaching should be strongly considered.

    Lesson Titles:
    Skin and Hair Care for African Americans
    Nutrition I--Using the Nutrition Pyramid
    Nutrition II--Maintaining Good Nutrition
    Nutrition III--Fat and Cholesterol
    Nutrition IV--Salt
    Eating Disorders
    Medical Card
    Medications I--Prescription or Over-the -Counter?
    Medications II--Following Directions
    Medication III--Uses of Medications
    Medication IV--Medications and the Medical Card
    Medication V--Self-Medication
    Doctor or Hospital?
    Going to the Doctor and the Hospital
    At the Doctor's Office
    Dental Care
    At the Dentist's Office
    Hearing Exams and Hearing Aids
    Accidents and Safety
    First Aid I--Introduction and Bleeding
    First Aid II--Possible Symptoms of a Heart Attack
    First Aid III--Burns
    First Aid IV--Broken Bones
    First Aid V--Sprains and Strains
    First Aid VI--Review
    Self Examination--Male
    Self Examination--Female
    Seven Warning Signs of Cancer

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