How Can I Evaluate It?

Learning that one is part of a bigger world is an essential part of a child's education. The Web is a powerful tool for motivating students and creating a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Using Netscape Navigator in an educational setting:
This site is a list of frequently asked questions on educational topics and Netscape.

Teaching Tools

Evaluating Web Page Sites

Due to the fact that there are millions of pages on the Internet, it is possible to come across both good and bad pages. It is always beneficial to evaluate pages you intend to use to see if they relate to and enhance your topic. When looking at a page to determine its effectiveness, consider the following:

Evaluating Student Work

Evaluating a student's work using Netscape is of course going to differ from teacher to teacher. Netscape lends itself to authentic assessment and to higher order thinking because you are using it as a tool to gather information, organize that information and come up with some end product. By using the History file option on Netscape you as a teacher can trace the path of sites that your students have visited. You can do this by going to window then history.

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