What is Netscape?

How Can I Use it?

How can I apply Netscape to my classroom?

This web page is intended to help educators locate information on how they can use Netscape to enhance their instruction. Information on this page was gathered from an extensive search of World Wide Web resource but in no way contains all of the information available to educators.

Changing the Face of Education
Netscape is being used by kids and teachers as a tool to change the face of education. It's letting kids communicate with kids and teachers all over the world. When you think about the potential of the collective information and nervous system of children all around the world, it's mind boggling. Students and teachers utilizing Netscape can effect education around the country and the world.

Apple ED: America K-12
This site contains information on classroom applications for teachers of students in grades K - 12. The information on this site covers a wide variety of topics and is broken down by grade level. Good site!

WWW Links Directory
This site is a directory of education site around the world.

History and Social Studies K12 Web Site
This location contains resources for history and social studies teachers. The site includes ideas, resources, lesson plans and assessment tool which could be utilized by all teachers.

Creative Art Activities
The site, although it sounds like for art teachers, has a variety of activities that all subject area teachers could use to integrate art into their classrooms.

Resources on Oceanography and Earth Science
From the title I think this site is pretty much self-explanatory. This is a text only site.

Small Planet - Links for Teachers
A site with tips for integrating Internet technology into your classroom, links to lesson plans, strategies for collaborating with other teachers via the Internet, and more.

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