Presuming you know your screen name & address and the screen name & address of the person you are writing to, begin by turning on the computer and modem and opening your communications software. Navigate to the main page and then to the page for sending mail. Establish the phone connection. Locate the sender's field(rectangle) and enter your screen name and address. Tab to the addressee's field and type in the screen name and address of the person you are writing to. Tab to the subject field and give a few words that describe the message. You may leave the CC blank. Tab to the main field and type the body of the message. Click the send button. Email is on the way!


Names and Addresses
Your screen name is often your first initial followed by the first seven letters of your last name. The address follows the name and is separated from it by the @ symbol. The address begins with the name of the computer your mail is sent to then a dot (.) then the location of the computer and a dot (.) followed by one of these domain abbreviations: com, edu, mil, gov, net, org. Some domain abbreviations are countries such as US.

An example of an address is: Addresses do vary from place to place and your screen name and address may look somewhat different than this one.

In order for your computer to communicate on line, you must have a modem. The modem translates the computer signals to signals that can be sent over phone lines.

There must be software (applications) on the computer that allows communications on line. Eudora is an example of such software. Different software packages offer a variety of features. Whatever the software, they will allow you to dial a phone number, establish a connection, accept addresses, word process a message and send the message.

Internet Service Provider
You must have an internet provider. Commercial providers include America OnLine, Compuserv, and Prodigy. However, local libraries or universities may also provide this service. There are also an increasing number of local independent internet service providers and phone and cable companies may be providers too. Whoever the provider is will determine your specific screen name and address.

Sending A Message

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