What is E-Mail?

E-mail is perhaps the oldest and most used area of the Internet. It is fast becoming as common as phone calls and letters. By typing a message and sending it to a certain e-mail address, you can send quickly around the world. If you wrote someone an e-mail message at 11:59 a.m., that message would be available for them to read and respond to before noon. During any given day you may contact family members, business prospects, government officials and more. You may also receive mail from different groups that publish information in the form of mailing lists. There are some 6500 mailing lists available to any user with full Internet access. The topics range from political to social to professional.

E-Mail can be sent and received from any area of the Net yet you must have a mail gateway. It is the easiest of the Internet connections to get. For your company use, this is a great cost effective means of dispersing information and communications. You can even attach a file produced in your favorite word processing program to an e-mail message. The recipient then retrieves your letter and document. It transports just like the mail. It doesn’t take long to figure out the benefits of such easy exchange.

Just a note: You will find that e-mail flows in a more concise and easy fashion than a telephone conversation or a letter. The personality comes right off the screen.

Basic E-mail Configurations and Commands

POP account : Your e-mail address (username@popalex1.linknet.net) SMTP server : popalex1.linknet.net Logon password : the same password you use to log in to the server Attach files : To attach a file, you simply select "attach" and select drive, directory and filename. The program will do the rest. Basic e-mail architecture : username@server.(net.com.org.gov.mil)