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Science Curriculum Portfolio

By: Brandie Butler, Melissa Close, and Laurie Hellings

This information is not an all-inclusive compilation of Ohio's curriculums, modifications, instructional strategies and assessments used in science. After the process, we have found that every district, school, and teacher encompasses some of the same ideas, but incorporates their own ideas as well. All of the sources modified the curriculums to meet the needs of their individual students. They also used a variety of instructional strategies and assessments to allow the students the opportunity to build on their strengths.

The following pages are a reference list to assist further inquiry into this project. Included are a variety of places, organizations, people, and internet sites which will assist in obtaining more information about Ohio's science curriculums, modifications, instructional strategies and assessment protocols used in both regular and deaf and hard of hearing classrooms.

Uploaded by: Melissa Close/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major