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Major Curriculum Packages

Science Curriculum Portfolio

By: Brandie Butler, Melissa Close, and Laurie Hellings

The following gives information on what we found to be the most popular curriculum materials and packages currently used in the state of Ohio, but focusing mainly in the Northeast Ohio region. Most of this information was obtained by talking to the people responsible for ordering these types of materials. Contributions were also given by other people who have some power as to what they do or do not want to use in their schools.

Trumbull County Board of Education, Ohio State Department of Education: Science Division, principals, and current primary, secondary, and higher education educators were some of the sources contacted to gather this information.

Major Curriculum Packages

Ohio is not a textbook adoption state. Therefore, the information we provided varies from school to school and district to district across the state. Curriculums across the country, however, may be different because some states may be textbook adoptive. Consequently, the preceding information is an overall perception of the materials which are currently used in Ohio schools today.

Uploaded by: Melissa Close/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major