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Science Curriculum Portfolio

By: Brandie Butler, Melissa Close, and Laurie Hellings

The following portfolio reflects an assortment of Ohio's major curriculum packages as well as the common modifications, instructional strategies and assessment protocols used with them. The information is a representative sample. The packages vary from district to district, school to school, classroom to classroom.

To obtain this information we contacted many different sources. We began by calling local school districts and requesting a statement of their curriculum packages. To our surprise, many schools did not know what a curriculum package consisted of. After explaining this, we were able to obtain information about the different books and materials used in that district or school. We also called the Ohio State Education Department and requested the state model. Many districts use the state model and modify it to the needs of their district. The next step was to look in the yellow pages for schools to call and talk to different teachers to request their insights into their instructional strategies, assessment protocols and modifications of the existing curriculum.

After obtaining the above information, we "surfed" the internet for other resources. Many of the internet addresses provided are search engines, which can be used to find a plethora of references. Other resources were accumulated from university science departments and libraries. For instance, we contacted Bob Shultz, teaching fellow at Kent State University, and visited the Curriculum Materials Library (CML) in White Hall.

The materials are constantly being modified as philosophies of education are changing. The following regular and deaf education curriculum packages are a foundation to build upon when developing a science curriculum for a classroom.

Uploaded by: Melissa Close/Kent State University/Deaf Education Major