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Adjusting Radio Aids

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  • Subject: Adjusting radio aids

  • From: Mark Thomas mthomasa@CIX.COMPULINK .CO.UK
  • Date: Mon, 11 Sep 1995 23:52:00 BST-1
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  • Can anyone help me out with some technical advice about radio aids? I am working with a new (to our school) deaf student who uses a radio aid in class (Phonic Ear). Are there special adjustments that have to be made to the radio aid when it is given to a different student - to match to hearing aids or the child's audiogram?

    I am an ordinarily trained Primary teacher and this is my first term as a "Teacher of the Deaf" for a mainstreamed Deaf child. Lots of learning for me! If the radio aid adjustments are common knowledge for a trained teacher of the deaf, perhaps you had better reply by email to me personally ( as I don't want to bore the rest of the group!


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  • Subject: Re: Adjusting radio aids

  • Date: Tue, 12 Sep 1995 11:10:23 EDT
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  • Mark Thomas posting a question about "radio aids" and adjustments.

    Dear Mark and other EduDeaf'ers,

    Here in the USA we call them FM systems. And *yes* each individual system is like a hearing aid with a radio or FM transmitter/receiver system in it.

    As with all hearing aids, you, especially, do not want the aid or the radio ear to be set to provide too much loudness/volume for any child. I'm not discussing the volume wheel, I'm discussing the internal settings of the system. In the field of hearing aids and FM systems, we refer to this as the Maximum Power Output or SSPL90 of the hearing aid or system.

    If you have children who have a need for radio ears (FMs) and they have not had the radio ears adjusted to their specific hearing needs, I strongly suggest you *do not allow them to wear the systems until they are properly adjusted*. (Same goes here in the U.S.)

    If the output of the radio ear (that Maximum power I discussed) exceeds a child's tolerance level or if the maximum power is beyond certain dB values, it is possible to cause a permanent hearing loss in the child due to the use of the FM system. That is, if the system is not specifically adjusted by the appropriately trained professional who knows how to properly adjust it, using the system could damage the child's hearing even though he/she has a hearing loss.

    Here in the U.S., we are always concerned about medicolegal issues. What you bring up is a serious and important medicolegal issue.

    Dr. J! @ St. John's

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