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Date: Thu, 18 Jul 1996 11:18:29 -0400

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From: Linda Semesky

Subject: Parent's support group

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At 09:00 AM 7/18/96 -0500, you wrote:

>What's the address for this parent group? I would like to share it with parents here in Nebraska.

Hi Jerry,

They just send the message to me at my address: We're an internet support group...not official, just coordinated by me. Right now, we have 20 parents nationally and internationally. We do not have a listserve yet, we just do multiple mails to each other. We discuss educational issues, medical issues, emotional issues, general things and sometimes just give each other moral support. We started out as a group for strictly parents of hoh children because our needs are different from those with profoundly deaf children, but we found out that tho there were many differences in our issues there were also lots of commonalities, so now we have grown to represent both populations, all methods of amplification, and all philosophies of education. You may send this message to anyone who expresses interest. The majority of our children are currently in the kindergarten/first grade age, but we have them as young as 13 mos up to 13 years. We have two members in Canada and one even in Israel. We started out as four mothers corresponding in March of this year, and without any real advertising, we have grown to 20. We now have three dads on board. We originally invited some educators onboard but we no longer do so because often we really need to vent about the system and don't want to feel stifled. Though, we do welcome questions from anyone!

I mailed your info on software tools that allow the handicapped to input keystrokes on Monday. Keep an eye out for it. Let me know if it helps!

Talk to you later!

Linda S

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