Class Activity

Student Objective:

To have students become more efficient at using a variety of search engines on the Internet.


(Similar to the old TV game show "Name That Tune") Students will break into groups of 3. Student Groups will each be given the same search question (see below for samples). The teacher can either have the students use one search engine, or he/she can give each group a different search engine. The objective to "winning" will be to access the correct reponse to the given search question in the least amount of searches.
The list of searches can be seen by viewing HISTORY in the Netscape menu.

The following are some sample search questions:

Science: What is the new at home saliva test for HIV and what are the advantages over a blood test?

Economics/Math: What is the minimum initial investment for the Kaufmann Fund?

Language Arts: What is the name of the Science Fiction Achievement Award?

Art: Where and When is the next exposition for 3 dimensional works in the United States?

Sports: What are the current pre-season results for the NFL?

Suggested answers to the above:



Language Arts:



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