Penpals in Australia

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Date: Fri, 12 Apr 1996 00:55:57 +1000

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From: Novak

Subject: Re: Penpals in Australia

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Hi Ted,

I am the person you are looking for. We have only just gotten our Internet connection up and running at the school - it has taken us a while - and I was about to contact you and the others who had told me they were interested in linking our students together. I am really keen and hope I will be able to motivate both students and staff in the school to get involved.

I have been reading a bit about joint projects between schools across the world, and the one common thread mentioned is that keypaling falls flat unless teachers create reasons for the students to communicate. After all, I am hoping that they will not only learn about email and some of the mechanics of the Internet, but that they will also learn something about other people and places in the world. Have you and others found this ????

In the last month or two I have changed my personal email address a couple of times and I know a few people have been looking for me. My address should stay stable for a while now.... I can be contacted at my home address:

For the record I can also be contacted at my workplace of

snail mail:

Victorian College for the Deaf
597 St. Kilda Road, Melbourne,
Victoria. Australia. 3004



Our school caters for both primary and secondary (elementary and high school) age Deaf students. We are currently on school vacation until April 23rd. After that I will be trying to get a couple of my classes involved in email projects - through their English classes. If anyone has some great project ideas for utilizing the WWW with Year 8, 9 and 10 level classes (age 13 - 16+) let me know.


Bev Novak
Melbourne, Australia.

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