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The Newsletter of the Association of College Educators Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Volume VI, Number 1 October, 1993

1994 Conference Arrangements are Complete

The 1994 ACE-DHH conference is set for February 25-28 in Corpus Christi, Texas. The conference theme is Rising Tides in Teacher Preparation: Issues in Research and Practice. The conference hotel will be the Holiday Inn-North Padre Island Beach Resort, 15202 Windward Dr, Corpus Christi, TX 78418. Their telephone number is (512) 949-8041. The hotel is in a quiet location on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. Temperatures are expected to be in the 70+ degree range and the weather sunny. Be sure to bring your swimsuits and suntan lotion! Look elsewhere in this newsletter for the conference schedule, a call for papers, and a conference registration form. Note that presentation proposals are due by November 17.

Membership and Renewal Information

Applications and renewals are requested now for the 1994 membership year. The application form near the end of this newsletter should be used for renewals as well as for new applications. Check your address label: One star or none means that your 1994 dues now are due.

Please indicate on the form the type of membership. According to the ACE-HI By-Laws, regular members are individuals with at least a 50% job responsibility in the preparation of personnel for work with deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals. Emeritus members are understood to be retired individuals who were members of ACE- HI for at least 5 years. Associate members may include cooperating teachers, internship supervisors, practicum field site coordinators, part-time instructors or lecturers, and doctoral students.

ASHA-CED Joint Committee

The Joint Committee on ASHA and CED has just completed work on the final version of the Report on Service Provision Under Public Law 102-199 (PL 99-457) to Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ages Birth to 36 Months. The CED Board will review this document at their next meeting in December and will vote on approval. Members of the Joint Committee working on the final draft include Evelyn Cherow, Linda Seedstedt-Stanford, Gerry Bateman, Steve Boney, and Marilyn Sass-Lehrer. If you would like a copy of this document please contact Marilyn Sass-Lehrer.

Call for Nominations

NOW is the time for make nominations for ACE-DHH officers for the coming year. Nominations are needed for the offices of President-Elect, Vice-President (responsible for local conference arrangements), Secretary, Membership and Elections Committee (chair and two members), and Publications Committee (chair/editor and two members). You may nominate yourself as well as other ACE-DHH regular members. Please clear your nominations with the nominees. Please send nominations no later than December 31, 1993 to:

Jerry B. Crittenden
ACE-DHH Membership & Elections Committee
BEH 250 University of South Florida
Tampa, FL 33620
(813) 974-2008 (Voice and TTY)

Test Equity Resolution

The ACE-DHH Executive Committee voted to support a resolution on Test Equity. This resolution has also received the support of CAID, CEASD and NAD. The resolution recognizes the importance of deaf and hard of hearing teachers in the education of deaf and hard of hearing children, the need for increased numbers of such teachers, the increasing number of states requiring teacher competency tests for licensure, and the high failure rate of deaf and hard of hearing teacher candidates on such examinations which denies them access to licensure and employment as teachers. The resolution endorses and supports the efforts of The National Task Force on Equity in Testing and Deaf Professionals, and other such efforts, which seek to ensure equity for deaf and hard of hearing test takers and the removal of barriers preventing them from entering the teaching profession. For more information about the test equity project, contact Richard Lytle, Gallaudet University, (202) 651-5530.

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