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  • Subject: NBPTS
  • From: Susan Easterbrooks seasterb@JSUCC.JSU.EDU
  • Date: Thu, 14 Sep 1995 14:13:30 -0500
  • Reply-To: A Practical Discussion List Regarding Deaf Education EDUDEAF@UKCC.UKY.EDU
  • Sender: A Practical Discussion List Regarding Deaf Education EDUDEAF@UKCC.UKY.EDU
  • Greetings to all EDUDEAFers from Jacksonville State University, Home of Heather Whitestone, Miss America, 1995. I am new to the group and look forward to learning lots.

    I would like to share with you some recent activities of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards. I am a member of the Exceptional Needs Committee which was charged with the responsibility of developing standards for teachers of students of all disability groups. Naturally, my primary interest was in the area of Deaf/Hard of Hearing. After the first draft was written, I sent out summaries for comment to all the major national organizations which abound in our field ( I think I sent out at least 10 letters). Much to my dissappointment not one single organization responded. The NBPTS has finalized its draft. It goes to the full Board next month for approval, then will be disseminated nationwide for comment. The NBPTS is particularly interested in the opinions of PRACTICING CLASSROOM TEACHERS. If you would like to comment on the draft, I would urge you most sincerely to do so by contacting David Mandel (address below) and asking to review a copy of the draft. The NBPTS is making rapid strides toward national certification and is taking us along with it. Just thought you might want to be involved.

    Also... I have some wonderful future teachers in my program to whom I am planning to introduce EDUDEAF. Would any of you veteran teachers out there, or parents for that matter, like to share a few words of encouragement or advice to my students way out here in REMOTESVILLE,USA? If so, my address is: SEASTERB@JSUCC.JSU.EDU I will let them "look over my shoulder" at my mail until such time as they become "hooked" on the process.

    Oh yes, that address I promised..

    David Mandel
    National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
    1730 Rhode Island Ave, Suite 909
    Washington, DC 20036


    Susan Easterbrooks
    Program in Educ of D/HH
    Jacksonville State University
    Jacksonville, AL 36265

    Uploaded by: Melissa Close/ Kent State University/ Deaf Education Major