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Workshop Requirements for Admission:

A. Computer Access
  1. Easy & Consistent Use of an "After Hours" (i.e., between 4:30-10:00 p.m.) Windows Based System, w/ a 1440 bd (or Better) Modem that Can be Used to Access the Net;
  2. Net Access that Permits Easy and Reliable Use of E-Mail, Listserv, Netscape & Internet Radio Chat;

B. *Computer Software

  1. Windows Based, Word processing Program (e.g., WordPerfect)
  2. Windows Based, Communication Program (e.g., ProcomPlus)
  3. Netscape 2.0 (or higher)
  4. NetscapeChat
  5. HotdogPro
Note: Mac users are to substitute appropriate software.

C. Preservice Teachers

  1. Achieved "Advanced Standing"
  2. Enrolled in/or Completed One or More "Method's" Classes
  3. Recommended by Faculty Advisor
  4. Class/Work Schedule that Permits Periodic Visits to a K-12 Class Setting
  5. Stated Willingness to Serve as a "Surfer, Miner & Developer" for a K-12 Teacher

D. Existing Teachers

  1. Completed One or More Technology Related Course or Workshop
  2. Currently Teaching with a K-12 Setting
  3. School that Permits Periodic Visits of Preservice Teachers
  4. Stated Willingness to Serve as a "Mentor, Editor & Implementor" for a K-12 Preservice Teacher