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Workshop Objectives:

By the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to demonstrate their ability to:
  1. use Net-based technologies (i.e., e-mail, listserv, Web search engines, HTML editor, & Netscape
    Chat) to find, evaluate, describe, discuss, use and share educational pertinent instructional
    strategies and curricular materials;
  2. incorporate Net-based resources (e.g., e-mail addresses, listserv groups, Web sites and Web search
    engines) in the design, implementation and evaluation of student centered, curricular units;
  3. work effectively and collaboratively with preservice and existing teachers, within both
    "face-to-face" and distant (i.e., Netscape Chat) interactional context, to design, research, implement,
    evaluate and share Net-enhanced instructional activities;
  4. identify, track, reflect and plan their ongoing professional development concerning their use of Net-
    based technologies and resources for the purpose of enhancing their instructional effectiveness.