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Why should hearing parents learn about deaf culture?

When hearing parents learn that their child is deaf, they must quickly become experts on a wide range of topics related to deafness and deaf education. In order to develop realistic expectations for their child and understand the social and cultural as well as educational ramifications of being deaf, parents should be given an in depth introduction to deaf culture. Professionals charged with the responsibility of providing parent education can easily incorporate a variety of materials and experiences relating to deaf culture into their parent education programs. These experiences might include meeting deaf individuals, reading and discussing relevant books, attending meetings of clubs for the deaf and taking sign language classes.

Hafer, J.C. & Richmond, E.D.(1988) What Hearing Parents Should Learn About Deaf Culture.Perspectives for Teachers of the Hearing Impaired, Sept./Oct.


This is a wonderful article if your wondering where to start an educational program for parents (or even if you've already started!). It includes lots of activities and an entire page of resources. Theres only so much we can do alone- help educate the parents!