Professional Information

B.J. Lawrence Deaf Education Major
Kent State University

My Philosophy

It is my responsibility to teach my students not what to learn but how to learn so that they might learn all their lives, not just today. It is my responsibility to give my students the tools and information they need to succeed and the courage to use them. It is my responsibility to be excited about and in love with learning so my students might feel that too. It is my responsibility to value the uniqueness of each of my students so they might value one another. It is my responsibility to give my students unconditional love and the freedom to make mistakes, knowing they will lose no esteem or respect for their attempts. It is my responsibility to be human and to lose no esteem for myself when I make a mistake, lest I be not believable! Together my students and I are responsible for learning, enjoying it and sharing it with others so that it will go on and on forever.

EDUCATION Columbus Alternative High School Graduated: 6/89 Columbus, Ohio Kent State University Currently Enrolled Degree: Education/Hearing Impaired PREVIOUS WORK EXPERIENCE 1992 St. Johnís Villa Carrollton, Ohio RELATED NON-WORK EXPERIENCE
A.G. Bell School, Columbus Public Schools, Columbus, Ohio Early Identification Program
Ohio School for the Deaf, Columbus, Ohio
TTY Relay, CALLVAC Services (now FIRSTLINK), Columbus, Ohio
Child Care
Provided half-time child care over summer & baby-sitting care during school year for two Deaf children, one preschool, one elementary age, Bexley, Ohio.
ASL Class
Developed and taught ASL class including Deaf Culture at Columbus Alternative High School and Kent State University dormitory enrichment
Aural Rehab
Ohio School for the Deaf, Columbus, Ohio