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Children Get to Eat Their Experiments

The annual Teachers, Industry, Environment conference sponsored by the Ohio Chemical Council was held at the Stouffer Renaissance Hotel in Dublin, Ohio.This years festivities included a fascinating workshop on "edible science." Forget what your mother said according to Janet Struble and Joselyn Harley it's okay to play with your food as long as it is in the name of science. So what if the kids are dropping candy in their water, pouring cereal on the table and squooshing their peanut butter sandwiches, just look what they can learn from it!


Snack based science is a terrific hands-on approach that "works because kids like the idea they can eat what they've made" and we know kids always learn more when they like it ! So... raid the cupboards and the 'fridge food is the only curriculum material you'll need to turn tomorrow's science lesson into a deliciously educational one!

Lore, David (11-9-96)Educators make science palatable: Children get to eat their experiments.The Columbus Dispatch, 3C.