Language Assessment of d/hh Students

Teachers' Ratings of the Communication Abilities of Their Deaf Students

One of a teachers primary tasks is assessment of their students abilities. We must do this almost continuously in order to have the information we need to make instructional decisions for our students. According to this article teacher judgements when made in the context of curriculum- based measurement are accurate and useful. The findings in this study, however, show that the ratings they give their deaf students' communicative abilities were much lower than the students' actual abilities as demonstrated on objective testing procedures. This article describes the study and results in great detail. Hyde & Power suggest in this article the following curriculum -based rating procedures (in which teachers measurements have been reliable and valid) for identifying and responding to the individual communication needs of deaf students.


If we teachers are underestimating students' abilities it's likely our expectations will be too low leading to lower performance. Inaccurate assessments can also lead to inappropriate placement for the student. Teachers' input is generally highly valued information in IEP meetings and that is as it should be. However, the teachers' information must be reliable if decisions are to be made in the student's best interest.We obviously need other options - more objective, more reliable options for assessing d/hh students' communicative abilities.