Language- Development & Use

Jerry Harste speaks on reading and writing

Harste is known internationally for his research on literacy acquisition. In this article he gave some of his conclusions and insights based on his studies of early literacy. I have chosen to share with you the ones I feel are the most important for educators to consider:

Harste, Jerry (1990)Jerry Harste speaks on reading and writing.The Reading Teacher,1,101-103


Students who are deaf /hard of hearing often experience language & literacy delays that cause them to be unsuccessful in all subject areas. Although there have been many different theories for teaching language, reading & writing throughout history this research suggests to me that all they've ever needed is the opportunity to use it. As teachers of the d/hh we must remove the isolation they experience and provide the opportunity for our students to express themselves using any & all forms of communication. They will then be using language and therefore learning it. We must create a low-risk, highly social environment in which we provide good models of language use in many forms. See this article and Jerry Harste's other work for more information on implementing these strategies