Ideological Parties

American Conservative Party
The American Conservative Party's role in today's elections is to compel candidates and voters to address Conservative concerns which may be ignored in the two-party struggle to "win". Our mission is to provide Conservative voters the organizational means with which to bring their convictions into public debate and to inject those convictions more forcefully into the electoral and legislative processes. We are not obsessed with "winning elections"; we are dedicated to promoting progress and freedom through adherence to Constitutional principles.

Communist Party
The Communist Party is a working class party that unites workers, students, professionals and farmers in a fighting organization.

Green Party
The Greens are both a political party and a community organization. We're working for a world of freedom and community; of positive alternatives where people work cooperatively to benefit themselves and each other, honoring both humanity and the earth that sustains us; in which all people, not just an elite few, have a say over the decisions that affect our lives.

International Socialist Organization
A party for workers power and international socialism

The League Revoluntionaries for a New America
Our vision is of a new, cooperative society of equality and of a people awakening.

Natural Law Party USA
The Natural Law Party stands for prevention-oriented government, conflict-free politics, and proven solutions to America's problems designed to bring the life of the nation into harmony with natural law.

Pansexual Peace Party
The Pansexual Peace Party (PPP) is a grass-roots political party based in the United States of America. The principal premise of the PPP is that peace is possible. The basic underlying ethic is maximization of peace, freedom, creative expression, and the glorification of human sexuality. This of course entails the minimization of violence, authority, indoctrination, and sexual repression. The motto of the PPP is the Wiccan Rede, and the PPP aligns itself with all political and social organizations which are working to reduce the harm that human beings inflict on one another as well as on the rest of the earth. The political philosophy of the PPP is rooted in many diverse philosophical and spiritual traditions.

Progressive Labor Party
A communist party

Social Democrats USA
SD, USA is the successor to the Socialist Party, USA, the party of Eugene Debs, Norman Thomas and Bayard Rustin and is a member of the Socialist International. SD, USA does not field candidates for elective office.Rather, the organization works with the labor movement and the Democratic Party to promote social democratic ideals and policies.

Socialist Party USA
It is radical in the sense that all members of the Socialist Party recognize the need for fundamental change in our society. Socialists believe that the problems facing America and the world, such as environmental despoliation, the systematic waste of public resources for private profit, persistent unemployment concentrated among women and racial minorities, and the maldistribution of wealth, power, and income, are not mere aberrations of the capitalist system - they are the capitalist system. This is why Socialists are not impressed by political appeals based on the personal qualities or "charisma" of any individual politician. Socialists believe that it is the system - and the institutions which make up that system - that must be changed.Socialists differ fundamentally from liberals in this regard. Socialists critically support liberal reform measures (such as increases in the minimum wage) not as ends in themselves, but as guideposts pointing to the need for a fundamental transformation of our society.

Workers World Party
Workers World has united Black, Latino, Native, Asian, Arab and white in the struggle against racism. It has brought together women and men, lesbian, gay and straight, youth and seniors, workers and the unemployed, native-born and immigrants to fight for better conditions for all. Members of WWP have worked hard and long to build many of the most important progressive actions of the last three decades.

Light Party
A synthesis of the Republican, Democratic, Libertarian and Green Parties, maintains that all the Love, Wisdom and Power is here to create “Health, Peace, and Freedom for All”