A Journey Into the Deaf-World

Key words: Curriculum Materials, Deaf Culture, K-12

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A Journey Into the Deaf-World

Harlan Lane, Robert Hoffmeister, Ben Bahan

"Especially commendable is the authors' use of actual life experiences of Deaf people. May others be inspired to do likewise."
-Dr. Yerker Andersson, Professor and Chair,
Department of Deaf Studies, Gallaudet University
President Emeritus, World Federation of the Deaf

A new language minority - some million strong - has come fore in America as around the world, calling itself, in American Sign Language, the deaf-world. Telling the full story of the deaf-world, A Journey into the DEAF-WORLD addresses such issues as the nature of Deaf culture, the education of Deaf children, Deaf societies in other lands, the effects of technology on the lives of Deaf people, and the integration of Deaf people into the larger society. Journey explores in depth the relation between audiology and the DEAF-WORLD, examines the ethics of childhood cochlear implants, and explains why both are so controversial. Rich in examples from the lives of Deaf people, Journey presents the latest findings and theories concerning members of the DEAF- WORLD.

-What is Deaf culture all about?
-How are deaf children raised and educated, and how should they be?
-What do signed language and Deaf culture have to offer the Deaf child - and hearing people?
-What can we learn from Deaf societies in other lands?
-How does technology help - and hinder - Deaf people?
-How do Deaf people integrate into the larger society?

The first comprehensive examination of the deaf-world designed around the needs of professionals working with Deaf persons, Journey is a "must read" for professionals and students in such fields as audiology, speech-language pathology, medicine, education, school, rehabilitation and mental health counseling, psychology, interpreting, sign language and Deaf Studies - anyone working with Deaf children, adults and their families, as well as family and friends of Deaf persons.

A Journey into the DEAF-WORLD will be available in Spring 1996. Hardcover $36.95, add $5.25 for shipping and paperback $19.95, add $4.25 for shipping.

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