New Standards Proposed for the Preparation of Teachers of the Deaf

New Standards Proposed for the Preparation of Teachers of the Deaf

July 1, 1994

Submitted by: Harold Johnson, Kent State University

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The Council on the Education of the Deaf (CED) and the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) have just completed initial work concerning joint CED/CEC standards.

The proposed standards are presented in the following two files:

"Proposed CEC Standards"

"Proposed CED Standards"

These standards were presented to the CED Board on June 27, 1994. Board members were asked to share the standards with their perspective organizations. Those organizations are as follows:

Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf

Conference of Educational Administrators Serving the Deaf

Convention of American Instructors of the Deaf

Association of College Educators of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing

National Association of the Deaf (admitted 12/94)

American Society for Deaf Children (admitted 6/94)

The CED Board will convene in December '94 to discuss the reactions to the proposed standards. Interested individuals are encouraged to convey their comments regarding the proposed standards to their organizational representative, or the current CED President, i.e., Patrick Stone:

Patrick Stone Tucker Maxon Oral School
2860 S.E. Holgate Blvd.
Portland, Oregon 97202

Comments can also be sent to the Director of CED Program Evaluation, Harold Johnson:

Harold A. Johnson, Ed.D.
Director - CED Program Evaluation &
K.S.U. Deaf Ed. Teacher Prep. Pro.
405 White Hall
Kent State University
Kent, OH 44242-0001