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Pre-Instructional, Instructional and Assessment Strategy.

Key words = Instructional strategies, General Information, K-12

Submitted by = Shalana M. Phillips

Task: To test students knowledge of a particular topic, before, during and/or after instruction.

Strategy: The teacher passes out cards to each student. The cards are identical to the one shown below. The cards can be customized to any subject being taught. "Who has" can be a description of a character, a math problem, definition, etc. "I have" can be used to tell the character, give the answer to the math problem, give the answer to the definition, etc.

This strategy is effective because it can show the teacher what the students know about the topic before it is taught (pre- instruction). These same cards can be presented during instruction and to test the students after instruction. Doing this keeps the students on task and involved. They can not drift from the game. They just may be the answer to "who has". The students can be given more than one card to make the game more challenging. It can be played plenty of times by simply switching the cards around. This, repetitively, can increase the students' knowledge.

/ I HAVE /

Uploaded by = Sheri Gezann/ K.S.U. Student/ Deaf Ed. Major